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The Tyrants have spent the last three Tuesdays and Fridays (and individually in between) working writing new originals for the next album - maybe vinyl! It's been a bit sporadic with a couple of the boys being down in Phoenix this month but the band is full steam ahead now that everyone is back in town. With 'Trench Foot' in the bank, they just finished a new - as of yet unnamed - metal tune in drop D. Storm Tyrant (aka Beer Tyrant) just has to add lyrics and that will be two down. Plenty or others in the works. New gig announcements in the near future... stay tuned!
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Last Friday the guys got together for their quarterly beer tasting session, rating lagers, pilsners and ales from near and far! (Oh yes, they did jam a bit since the gear was all set up upon arriving home from their last gig) High marks went to Howes Nut Brown Ale, a Belgian Vienna Lager and even a stinky Village Wit wheat beer that tasted far better than its aroma, reminiscent of the carpets in the Red d'Or tavern at the Terrace Inn in northern BC, Canada! Beer Tyrant brought an interesting, if sweet, blueberry ale. In all, many drinkable offerings were poured. Then Hail Tyrant cracked a Coors...

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Another Metal Meltdown; another sell out! Next year will need to be a much bigger venue. We hate turning away people at the door! A big thanks to The Slice regardless, for letting us host there this year. Tyler and Jesse were awesome, as were the rest of the staff. A huge nod to Jan, Erin and Markie for working their butts off at the door and flogging Tyrants merch all night. Extrados opened the show with some great original metal. They threw in their version of a Rush tune as well that was pretty awesome. That Bridgette from Outrun the Arrow has some pipes. They did a bang-up job in direct support, working the crowd and getting everyone in a party mood. Tyrants of Chaos made the stage at 11:00pm and rocked the rest of the evening. People were moshing and I don't think The Slice has seen a metal show quite like that in some time! Fun times! Fun times!!!

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NO MORE BEER AT REHEARSAL! Ha ha ha!! Who are we kidding? Awesome jam this evening, going over the show for Metal Meltdown II at the Slice on Jan 21. We even played a few old faves just to warm up. Somebody thought it would be a good idea to video... We might just have to post an excerpt or two, Mwa-ha-ha-ha!!! Tickets are available through any of the acts' FB pages, websites or contact us via Facebook Messenger or email: info@tyrantsofchaos.com.  Don't miss this show!!!

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This year's Meltdown features some of southern Alberta's premier original talent with a diverse lineup of progressive metal, high energy rock with a back beat and, of course, traditional metal \m/! The Extrados will open the show at 8:30 with their new set of progmetal and instrumental prowess followed by the outstanding Outrun the Arrow - high energy rock with a blend of punk and ska. Finishing the night will be the Tyrants and we will be introducing the first song, Trench Foot, from our next album! It will be a full evening of high energy performances by some excellent talent.

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Plans are in the works to host Metal Meltdown 2 early in the New Year! The inaugural bash went so well, we figured it was time to get on another. Talks are underway to nail down the venue, promotions and - of course - the bill! Some awesome talent is interested in participating. Last year was a sell-out and an excellent time was definitely had by all. Although some details are still being worked out, a couple of things are for sure: it will one hell of a party and Tyrants of Chaos will close the place down! Watch this blog or our FB page for more details soon \m/
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A major metal consortium in Russia, the Varg Media Group, has picked up our press release for the CD and has published it in a number of their publications online. Kruto! (which is 'cool' in Russian, for you non-Russian speaking people). There was even a feeler put out for an eastern tour.... hmmm! In any case, these links are pretty kruto:





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Most of the Tyrants got together and worked on a new Phil original last night, "Trench Foot" - based loosely around a Sandy riff from 2014 (oh, those dark, cramped days in the old jam hall!) Looking forward to hearing Thunder Tyrant's contribution; It will make the song! Plans for the new video were discussed... It should be awesome! Things were lost but later found, right Tobi?? \m/
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USA! USA! Check out Metal Underground press release featuring Tyrants of Chaos' CD "The Calm Before the Storm", website and link to Habitat to Insanity... \m/


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Greece has been a great supporter of the Tyrants, from downloads, to hard copy sales and streaming. Awesome to see this press release in their nation's leading metal webzine!


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