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Most of the Tyrants got together and worked on a new Phil original last night, "Trench Foot" - based loosely around a Sandy riff from 2014 (oh, those dark, cramped days in the old jam hall!) Looking forward to hearing Thunder Tyrant's contribution; It will make the song! Plans for the new video were discussed... It should be awesome! Things were lost but later found, right Tobi?? \m/
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USA! USA! Check out Metal Underground press release featuring Tyrants of Chaos' CD "The Calm Before the Storm", website and link to Habitat to Insanity... \m/


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Greece has been a great supporter of the Tyrants, from downloads, to hard copy sales and streaming. Awesome to see this press release in their nation's leading metal webzine!


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So, next Friday (or would that be Thursday here?) Radio Shock is streaming some Tyrants for our eastern fans. Very cool! We just wish we could read Russian, then we could actually figure out the time. Hey, here's an idea: if any of you can decipher cyrillic, comment and let us know!!!


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Tyrants of Chaos got some loving in the form of a press release in Italy... bella bella!


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Cheers to all who came out on a Sunday night, in full regalia and/or spirit, and especially those who stayed out verrrry late to check out headliners, Tyrants of Chaos. Men of Nihilist did a bang up job of warming up the sizeable crowd and Caste of Shadows was excellent and entertaining as ever! A big mug of brew to Tony Sidewalk and the crew from the UofL Headbanger Society, Mike and the Pork Stars from the Smokehouse and, most of all, you HEADBANGERS! \m/\m/

Who is more metal?!?
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The Moshville Times - All the ROCK & METAL that's fit to print! - and one of Britain's biggest metal webzines gave the Tyrants some excellent PR this week. Check them out if you haven't yet!


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We skipped original Tuesdays to run the show in prep for Sunday's Hallowe'en bash at the Smokehouse in Lethbridge, AB. It's always fun to run a set in full volume!  Um, Curt says he's dressing up in a giant diaper. I don't know, man...
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That's pronounced "globe" to you North Americans  GlobMetal is working in partnership with our guys to promote Tyrants of Chaos in metal markets around the world. Since we were streaming well in Europe, we thought we'd take it a step further. Cheers to Aaron and the gang!
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Curt, Sandy and Ryan got together this evening to continue guitar work and drum timing on our newest original, 'Negative Hell'. It's a cool tune with lots of changes. The harmony guitar intro work is killer and the riffs rawk!!!
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