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(archive: Sept 7, 2016)

Metalheads! Catch Tyrants of Chaos streaming on DJ Lyle Sloane's show tomorrow, Sept 8, around 4:15 pm. He is playing two cuts from the album, Habitat for Insanity and Have Mercy. TUNE IT IN!


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(archive: Sept 6, 2016)

Wow, Thank you to everyone for such an awesome response to our album, The Calm Before the Storm! It's been one month since we made the hard copy available and while Canada tops sales (Oh Canada!) with our friends to the south (the good ol' U.S.of A.) leading the way, Greece comes in third! βράχος στο κεφάλι μέταλλο!
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(archive: August 28, 2016)

Cheers to DJ Miroslaw who is streaming our tunes on Radio Etna from Warsaw. Enjoy the metal, dudes!


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(archive: August 26, 2016)

Gotta love Canada's Monster Truck! Awesome band and great guys to hang out with. The Tyrants took the Gas King Stage at 7:30 on a warm evening to an excellent Exhibition crowd and banged out a full on hour long Tyrant set. Band played great and the crowd was awesome. They did a great job of prepping them for the headliners from Hamilton who didn't disappoint. Darrel and the boys at DB Pro Audio did a fantastic job with the front and side line, as usual. Fun times after the show as well and lots of shirts and CDs sold. Thank you, folks!!!

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(archive: August 19, 2016)

Awesome rehearsal this evening for the upcoming Monster Truck gig at Exhibition Park! A few visitors stopped by to crack a few cold ones and bobbed their heads to what's shaping up to be an excellent show. After giving them the boot, the band got down to discussing the fall schedule, including potential gigs and writing for the next album. On the slate for autumn writing are five new songs. The working titles are: Negative Hell, Tyrants of Greed, Eye of Amon Ra, The Galadrim and the Leprechaun Dance of St. Paul  

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(archive: August 6, 2016)

Tyrants of Chaos released their long-awaited debut collection of high energy metal tunes on digital platforms and hard copy today. The Calm Before the Storm was released in digital world-wide through CD Baby on iTunes, AppleMusic, Amazon Prime and Spotify. It is also available in hard disc with full 6-panel case via CD Baby and in limited autographed version through the Tyrants' website. These powerful original songs can be previewed on the soon-to-be launched Tyrants of Chaos website (www.tyrantsofchaos.com) and at CD Baby! Sweet stuff!!

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(archive: July 23, 2016)

Tyrants' guitarist Sandy Lawson made the local news this evening in an interview he gave CFRN televsion after our rockin' show at Spitz Stadium. Local lawyer and Tyrants' fan, Kirk Belor, set it up and was on hand with his staff to cheer on the boyz! We made the 6:00 news
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(archive: July 23, 2016)

Awesome show today at Spitz Stadium! The Tyrants got the crowd revved up with cuts from the album and pulled out a few Accept and Sabbath covers because it's just good stuff. It was cool schmoozing with Rik Emmett of Triumph (that dude still has it!) and Jeff from Streetheart. The Tyrants merch booth did a steady biz with lots of fans hanging out and getting their stuff signed. Lethbridge rawks!

Tyrants of Chaos onstage at Spitz Stadium
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